Category: Healthcare

  • The Invisible Hand: Righty or Lefty?

    What factors determine how well consumers with minority tastes and preferences are served by markets? By minority tastes, I mean a relatively small number of consumers whose preferences can only be met with special or customized products. Some lefties think this is a problem. It's not, at least not in…

  • Asserting Links That Don’t Connect

    Despite the lack of supporting evidence, heard politicians and activists assert confidently that suburban “sprawl” is a public-health problem that regulation and transit can address.

  • Bluegrass Riffs on Medicaid

    Kentucky is implementing a new approach to Medicaid that offers four benefits packages and makes significant use of co-payments. On this one issue, NC should look NW.

  • JLF Releases Candidate Issue Guide

    RALEIGH — N.C. legislators can protect taxpayers by limiting spending, encouraging school choice, and strengthening private property rights. Those are a few of the more than 75 recommendations outlined in Agenda 2006, a new Policy Report published by the John Locke Foundation.

  • Affluenza a la Jones

    Some analysts think that Americans are afflicted by 'affluenza,' an insatiable spiral of spending focused on keeping up with the Joneses. Evidence suggests, however, that even very low-income individuals can accomplish their financial objectives. Going for broke is neither a necessary nor an inevitable strategy.

  • Why Jim Black is Right

    The speaker is right to argue that state interference in private, voluntary transactions results in fewer jobs and less freedom. Why so selective, though?…

  • Friday Interview: The Next Pandemic

    RALEIGH — In today’s Friday interview the John Locke Foundation’s Mitch Kokai discusses bird flu and a possible world pandemic with Bennet Waters, clinical assistant professor and deputy director for executive programs in the UNC School of Public Health’s Department of Health Policy and Administration. The interview aired on Carolina…