Category: Higher Education

  • Cooper, legislators offer wildly divergent views of same budget

    Gov. Roy Cooper and Republican legislative leaders seemed to be discussing two different documents when they spoke to reporters this week about the General Assembly’s budget conference report. Cooper lashed out at legislative Republicans on Tuesday, calling their compromise $23 billion spending plan possibly “the most fiscally irresponsible budget I…

  • Treasurer renegotiating State Health Plan contracts

    The number of state employees and retirees purchasing Medicare Advantage plans might rise from 111,000 to 130,000 in the coming year, but they are facing as much as a 26 percent increase in their premiums. That was the message from state Treasurer Dale Folwell on Tuesday during his monthly “Ask…

  • 2017 state budget: Education/workforce development

    Alternatives to the traditional four-year university are getting the attention of the General Assembly. The House and Senate have set aside serious funding for workforce development programs. Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget mentioned apprenticeship programs as well but didn’t put up as much money. Lawmakers made commitments to specific programs, while the governor’s…

  • 2017 state budget: Public employee compensation

    While teacher salaries generally dominate employee benefit discussions during budget debates, other state employees stand to receive higher pay. But the House, Senate, and Gov. Roy Cooper all have different notions about how much to increase compensation. Cooper’s budget includes an across-the-board salary increase of 2 percent or $800, whichever is higher.

  • Budget battle taking shape

    The tough work on the state budget has just begun. The House early Friday morning passed Senate Bill 257, a $45.7 billion General Fund budget for the next two years. It spends nearly $350 million more than the Senate version of the General Fund budget passed three weeks ago.