Category: Land Use Planning

  • Laying waste to the landfill monopoly

    North Carolina House Bill 56 got a lot of press earlier this fall when the General Assembly overrode the governor’s veto of the legislation. But most of the discussion was about GenX, an industrial chemical that had been found in the Cape Fear River, and the associated health concerns.

  • Map Act victims still awaiting compensation from state

    A decision last year by the N.C. Supreme Court ordering the state to compensate fairly property owners who filed a lawsuit over the Map Act appeared to signal a win for all people living in planned highway corridors throughout North Carolina, most notably a proposed beltline around…

  • Property rights have economic payoff

    While North Carolina's land-use rules are clearly superior to the regulatory policies prevalent in the northeast and Pacific coast, only Virginia in the southeast has a worse ranking than we do on this measure.

  • The General Assembly needs a to-do list, and here it is

    The General Assembly reconvenes Friday for another special session, primarily designated for redistricting business. There will be proposed legislative maps, public hearings, lots of debate and, I predict, an almost straight party-line vote on newly drawn —  per court order — legislative districts. These maps and the expected discussion will take up most…

  • MLS stadium plans for Charlotte, Raleigh about to flop?

    Soccer promoters in North Carolina’s two biggest cities have pursued public and private financing in their bids to build stadiums and attract major league clubs, but questions in Raleigh over a proposed stadium built on public land and hits to Charlotte’s public funding plan threaten to draw the…