Category: Opinion

  • State education rank isn’t low

    Living in Mebane is less expensive than living in Manhattan — so if you don’t properly account for these kinds of disparities, any nationwide comparison of school spending is utterly useless.

  • Don’t be evil? In ironic twist, Google steps all over its own motto

    Last summer, Google fired a software engineer named James Damore for posting a controversial memo on an in-house message board. This week, Damore and another former Google employee filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and “all Google employees discriminated against …  due to their perceived conservative political…

  • Drilling benefits exceed the cost

    Offshore drilling could boost North Carolina’s gross domestic product by $1.9 billion a year, its permanent employment by about 17,000 jobs, and annual government revenues by $116 million.

  • Medicaid work rules are needed

    I truly think it would be a prudent decision if Democrats dropped their opposition to work requirements and cooperated with Republicans in devising some sensible rules.

  • North Carolina has the makings of a luxury brand 

    Every few days, I see another story. They’re always the same.    They start with some headline about how a company has chosen North Carolina over another state. Occasionally it’s another country. Sometimes it’s a city. They read like this:  [Insert Company Name Here] chooses [North Carolina/City Name] over [other state/country] for latest expansion.  It’s not…

  • Rare illegal ballots still matter

    If you think election-integrity initiatives are nothing more than a Republican plot, you should know that downplaying rare but potentially consequential cases of voter fraud only strengthens the resolve of those who favor voter-ID laws.

  • Governor should lead on pipeline

    While laying the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will employ thousands of construction workers for a time, the real payoff will come from permanent jobs and income gains derived from gas access and lower-cost electricity.