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  • Special legislative election: a slam dunk for Democrats?

    If you’re a North Carolina political junkie, it must seem like Christmas came in July. Which Tar Heel politicos’ stockings are filled with lumps of coal may depend on what happens Thursday in Greensboro. That day a panel of three federal judges finally will hear attorneys for the General Assembly,…

  • Shrinking government takes courage

    When it comes to acting on fiscally conservative principles, there are important differences between Republican lawmakers in Raleigh and Republican politicians in Washington, D.C.

  • Close partisan divide will persist

    If you subtract voter preference for Democrats from voter preference for Republicans, only nine states — including North Carolina — have values no greater than two percentage points.

  • New Bern trailing the field in Sunday alcohol sales

    New Bern has given opponents of Senate Bill 155 — teetotaling lawmakers and religious leaders — a reason to flash a crooked smile. Those who wrung their hands and told of dark times to come should North Carolina pass a law allowing 10 a.m. Sunday alcohol…

  • Another no-drama budget cycle

    North Carolinians had much to celebrate over the Independence Day weekend. Unlike residents of, say, New Jersey. Even though the Garden State had no budget in place, Jerseyites saw Gov. Chris Christie luxuriate on a public beach that was closed to, well, the public. Unless you were…