Category: Opinion

  • It’s not all Charlotte and Raleigh

    Our two most-populous counties are responsible for a disproportionate share of North Carolina’s recent economic gains — but other counties, small and large, are also experiencing robust growth.

  • De-strawed customers are ‘distrawght’

    In the “summer of plastic straw bans,” North Carolina’s restaurant industry is feeling the heat. “Drunk people, they are walking around without straws and they are confused,” Hibernian Assistant General Manager Susan Kemben said. After a video of…

  • Monument protests marred by illegality

    We simply can’t have people defacing public property because legal attempts to redress their grievances haven’t yet succeeded, or attempting to coerce government agencies to comply by threatening criminal action.

  • The movement to drop APs for more rigorous coursework 

    A new school year is weeks away, leaving ambitious high schoolers to anticipate schedules packed with Advanced Placement classes. Expected to amp up a transcript’s awe factor, AP coursework offers precocious high school students a chance to earn college credit or advanced placements in college classes. It’s no surprise, then, that student…

  • Carolina voters are politically diverse

    If we forget that there are lots of Democratic voters in “red” counties and Republican voters in “blue” ones, we exaggerate the extent of the partisan divide and oversimplify conditions that are actually complicated and interesting.

  • Federal reform boosts state economy

    A new study projects that thanks to federal tax reform, North Carolinians will see an average increase in take-home pay over the coming decade of $18,287 across all households and $31,608 for married couples with two kids.

  • Getting policy right takes time

    After thousands of low-income students were randomly assigned to the pre-K program or to a control group, program participants showed some academic gains at first — but by the third grade the benefits disappeared.