Category: Opinion

  • Regulatory closet gets summer cleaning

    Over the decades, state agencies and local governments have adopted a range of criminal penalties for offenses that, whatever their adverse social effects may be, don’t necessarily merit criminal prosecution.

  • SCOTUS showing subtleties of jurisprudence  

    We tend to think of U.S. Supreme Court justices as ideological, their views and actions mapping neatly onto the conventional liberal-to-conservative continuum of American politics. Their decisions are thought to conform to the party of the president who nominated them. The current conservative bloc is Chief Justice John Roberts…

  • Trade wars hurt Carolina workers

    Lots of North Carolinians design, produce, process, transport, or market exports — and neither political posturing nor “tough” talk can replace the income they lose as other countries hike tariffs in response to ours.

  • Duke Energy is right on gas

    If your goal is to reduce carbon emissions in electricity generation, the primary tools available are to replace coal with lower-emitting natural gas and to expand nuclear.

  • No kidding, North Carolina taxes illegal drugs

    “Hey! Did you pay taxes on those drugs, mister? Probably not, right?” Unless you are buying your marijuana from a dispensary in a state where it’s legal, you probably aren’t paying taxes on your illicit substances. If not, you are likely committing two crimes: possession of a controlled substance and…

  • School funds should follow child

    The core concept behind school-funding reform is unassailable: one-size-fits-all thinking is ill-suited to the complex and critical enterprise of educating young people.

  • Cooper has taken extreme positions

    Heeding the most progressive Furies of his party, Cooper has put himself in a position of declaring that a popular vote of the people to enact voter ID is a violation of democratic principle.