Category: Opinion

  • Pay raise could lessen regulation

    Bureaucrats often go far beyond the power clearly delegated to them by elected lawmakers, who in turn lack the knowledge or expertise to detect and stop regulatory abuses.

  • Summer reading: It schools the mind

    Languid summer days are near at hand. For students finishing the traditional academic year, time — free and fallow — beckons. But as days slip into weeks and months, something else accrues alongside rest and refreshment: a skills drop-off that erodes learning gains. Low-income students are most at risk. Unlike…

  • Average pay isn’t the point

    The real story of the past several years is that North Carolina lawmakers have been restructuring the pay scale for teachers in ways intended to attract and retain high performers.

  • Both parties face age barriers

    Rather than extrapolating a few statistical trends into the future and then waiting for political prizes to fall into their laps, successful candidates will take nothing for granted.

  • Agency mergers can bring benefits

    The past six years have brought significant change in North Carolina government and policy. Conservatives tend to like the budget restraint, tax cuts, school choice initiatives, and other reforms that the Republican-led legislature and former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory enacted. Progressives tend to dislike them. When it comes to the…

  • Swing voters aren’t all alike

    Think of the Democrats and Republicans as competing teams that pool together the varying talents, resources, and energies of players, coaches, support staff, and fans.

  • North Carolina should raise age

    While the juvenile justice system can cost more in the short run, it appears to produce lower rates of recidivism — of young offenders committing more crimes in the future.