Category: Opinion

  • Comparing N.C.’s responses to Spanish Flu and COVID-19

    History repeats itself, but with slight variations. The high-rise jeans of today’s Tik Tok teens hit different than the stiff acid-washed denim from the 1980s, but they elicit déjà vu nonetheless. Likewise, the global pandemic of today is a somewhat different monster than the one that ravaged the world more…

  • Marxism remains a dangerous idea

    Using physical coercion to suppress ideas you dislike is wrong, whether the perpetrators be public authorities or private mobs, while speaking against those ideas, and choosing not to associate with their purveyors, is fine. What lies between these two poles?…

  • Carolinian led women into medicine

    In addition to being immoral, discrimination is foolishly self-destructive. It keeps companies from hiring the best people and serving the most customers. It throttles innovation. It makes us poorer.

  • Children, parents must have opportunity to choose 

    A save-the-system-not-the-student mentality is at the center of the “left-leaning” N.C. Association of Educators’ lawsuit to thrust a dagger into the heart of our state’s school choice options.  “Vouchers for private schools are an affront to a state that has a long and…

  • New monuments could unify state

    North Carolina’s public spaces are underpopulated with monuments to our rich history of fascinating stories, momentous events, and inspiring leaders. These tales need telling, including with public art.