Category: Opinion

  • One lawyer’s dream come true: Getting Democrats elected 

    Marc Elias, the high-profile Washington, D.C., political operative with a law license, has one goal — getting Democrats elected to office. A crucial 2020 election and coronavirus have Elias believing he’s got an opportunity to put North Carolina in the win column for Democrats with expanded mail voting.

  • Broken health insurance system likely to get worse

    Health insurance coverage is one issue that will transcend short-term and long-term recovery from COVID-19. Short-term changes in health coverage will likely require long-term strategies to address the needs of individuals whose source of health coverage changed during the pandemic. A recent report by consulting firm Health Management…

  • Go-slow reopening may be costly

    if North Carolina has a particularly bad jobs reports next month, the governor’s go-slow approach to reopening will likely be responsible for a significant share of the negative economic consequences.

  • Cooper isn’t addressing urgent needs

    North Carolina is experiencing an economic disaster, one of the largest and fastest downturns in history. Our leaders should be responding to this crisis with great urgency. Gov. Roy Cooper is not.

  • How many will die if governor fails to reopen the economy?

    “The relationship between unemployment and poor health has been well documented. The unemployed tend to have higher levels of impaired mental health including depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as higher levels of mental health hospital admissions, chronic disease (cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorders), and premature mortality.”…

  • Crisis may drive turn to suburbs

    It is far more efficient to alleviate traffic congestion — and carbon-dioxide emissions! — by telecommuting than by running half-empty trains and buses at the taxpayers’ expense.

  • Treat federal aid as shock absorber

    While nearly all states and localities will take a major fiscal hit from the COVID-19 crisis, some — such as North Carolina — were better prepared than others to handle unforeseen shocks.

  • Education debate need not be vicious

    For most parents, there is no practical alternative to enrolling their children in public or private schools. So, our schools will reopen. And North Carolinians are going to have lots of arguments about it.

  • Help and hope for the emergency homeschool parent 

    Millions of parents are emergency homeschoolers now. They’re adapting gamely to school closures necessitated by COVID-19. But parents are worried about learning in this brave new world. In a Gallup poll released April 8, 49% said they’re concerned the pandemic will negatively impact their child’s education. …