Category: Opinion

  • Let the science decide on PFAS in water

    Saying “per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances” is a mouthful—so let’s stick with the common abbreviation for this group of man-made chemicals: PFAS. And no, you don’t want a mouthful of them. If consumed in high concentrations, PFAS may be harmful to human health. But we don’t know how high a concentration…

  • Will 2022 midterms be 1994 like tidal wave?

    Conventional wisdom holds that the political party in the White House tends to lose seats in mid-term elections. Yet, 1994 turned into a proverbial bloodbath for Democrats. Tom Foley became the first U.S. House Speaker to lose his bid for re-election since the American Civil War. His defeat was part…

  • To do good or do better

    History is full of examples of governments generating both benefits and costs for their citizens that no one intended – or even could have intended.

  • The government can’t love you

    As communism’s iron grip tightened around eastern Europe in the 20th century, the government became increasingly hostile toward relationships that didn’t center around the State. Civil society was crowded out, and in some cases outlawed, by the expansion of communist regimes that saw little use for friendship. Citizens were encouraged to…

  • Fewer students major in humanities

    Too many professors prefer to teach courses based on their own narrow, often idiosyncratic research interests rather than teaching about the great ideas, institutions, people, and works of art that students actually want to study.