Category: Taxes and Budget

  • Counties Take Forward Step on Mental Health

    North Carolina counties have submitted the first part of their strategic plans to reform mental-health care. The actions, required by state law, represent a large step forward in a process that is expected to be completed by 2007. The state plans to close Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh and John…

  • NC Commission Seeks New Taxing Options

    RALEIGH -- Sounding a bit like a kid in a candy store, the chairman of Gov. Mike Easley's Commission to Modernize State Finances told legislators last week that an array of new taxes was needed to sweeten the state's bitter budget outlook. Thomas Ross, executive director of the Z. Smith…

  • NCCBI’s Jim Hyler Speaks Out on NC Budget

    James Hyler, Jr., vice chairman and COO of First Citizens Bank and chairman of the Governor’s Commission to Promote Efficiency and and Savings on State Spending, spoke at a Shaftesbury Society luncheon at The John Locke Foundation on Feb. 3 about the panel's work in identifying ways the Easley administration…

  • Easley Speech Channels Reagan

    The governor's 2003 State of the State address Monday night showed him tacking to the right of his 2001 political program and rhetoric, mixing a little fiscal amnesia with fiscal analgesia.

  • Pumping Revenue from Property Taxes

    Boxed in by state budget deficits, sluggish sales tax receipts, Medicaid mandates, and politicians’ unwillingness to cut or hold the line on services, counties are raising property taxes more frequently to make ends meet. By Donna Martinez.

  • Tax Commission Urges Sales Tax Increase

    An advisory commission to Gov. Mike Easley in December proposed a far-reaching overhaul of North Carolina’s tax code that would impose a sales tax on services, broaden the tax base, and lower overall rates according to Richard Wagner.

  • Questions surround N.C. State’s hotel and conference center

    Before the Council of State's vote on North Carolina State University’s proposed hotel and conference center, university officials asked and received a delay in the vote. Chancellor Mary Anne Fox told media that she requested the delay not because university officials were counting votes, but because they had not done…

  • North Carolina has Stake in Bush Plan

    Dr. Roy Cordato, vice president for research and resident scholar at the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation reviewed several items of the Bush package that would likely confer disproportionately large benefits on North Carolina’s economy, which has been uncharacteristically trailing the nation in the pace and scope of its economic recovery.

  • How to Cut Government

    The day after the Nov. 5 elections, William Eggers wrote a “Memo to Rookie Governors” in the Wall Street Journal. His message? “Cut, Cut, Cut.” It was the same message he brought to the economic advisory staff of Gov. Mike Easley Monday morning, prior to a luncheon presentation Eggers gave…