Category: Taxes and Budget

  • Ozzie Nelson – or Secret Agent?

    The Easley administration is now threatening counties with political retaliation if they join a lawsuit over reimbursements. It is a truth stranger than fiction, and sets the mind to wander.

  • New Hanover Should Join In

    A lawsuit against the Easley administration over reimbursements to counties may be the only way to keep the state's hands off other jurisdictions' money. New Hanover should join the suit.

  • Fleeting Thoughts on the Budget

    A few random musings on the just-passed House budget plan, including the definition of a tax increase, the three Republican yes-votes, and the wrongheaded ban on UNC's Qur'an reading.

  • Myths about N.C. Taxes

    Charlotte Observer columnist Jack Betts and others have blamed the current state budget deficit on an antiquated tax system. Sorry, but the facts do not support this conclusion, and it rests on a misunderstanding of what “corporate income” is.

  • An Embarrassing Loss

    Speaker Jim Black's defeat on a sales-tax hike is the latest in a string of losses, including the lottery and redistricting. The implications for local governments and voters are numerous.

  • Let’s Have More Elections

    Local budget debates this year have illustrated a striking pattern: counties are pretty much holding the line on taxes, while cities are hiking them. This shows the importance of keeping North Carolina's politicians on a very short leash.

  • Your NC Senate, Folks

    Here's the story of a retired businessman who traveled to Raleigh, offered budgetary help to a state senator, and was told he knew "nothing about budgeting." Uh, look who's talking.

  • The Placeholder Budget

    The N.C. Senate is moving its 2002-03 budget through committee this week. Terrified at the potential fallout, they are using gimmicks to delay much of the tax increase they would prefer until after the November elections. Will that fly?…