District Attorney Scott Thomas, who served more than six years in the General Assembly as a Democrat in first the House and the Senate from 1999-2006, has left the Democrat party and become a Republican. Thomas announced the switch late last week.  He serves in North Carolina’s 4th  Prosecutorial District 4, which includes CarteretCraven and Pamlico counties.

On January 18, 2006, Thomas resigned as a state Senator to become district attorney.

“This was a personal decision to align my party affiliation with my long held conservative values and beliefs,” said Thomas. “I will continue to be a strong supporter of the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, the rule of law, our armed forces, our first responders and law enforcement. I have always discharged my duties as a prosecutor without regard to partisan politics and my office will continue to aggressively protect the public in a manner consistent Constitution and the laws of our State.”

He was appointed to the vacant D.A.  post in January of 2006 by Governor Mike Easley to replace W. David McFadyen Jr., who retired early. Thomas has been elected D.A. four times and is a past president of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys and former chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission.

Thomas represents three counties that are now considered deep red. All three voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden by wide margins.

Carteret voted for Trump over Biden 70%-28%

Craven went for Trump 58% to 40%

Pamlico was Trump by 63% to 35%

Thomas released a statement of support from the sheriff’s in all three counties as well as support from several judges from the district.  Thomas was unopposed for re-election in 2018.  He is expected to run for re-election again in 2022 as a Republican.