Republican congressional candidates in potentially close races have outperformed their democrat opponents thus far in the third quarter of this year’s election cycle.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has monitored several close races where Democrat incumbents appear to be vulnerable to an election loss. Notable incumbents on the NRCC’s radar include Democrats Don Davis, Wiley Nickel, and Jeff Jackson, who represent NC’s first, thirteenth, and fourteenth congressional districts respectively.

All of the targeted incumbents in NC were outraised by their GOP challengers according to recent statistics. National Journal’s Q3 House Fundraising Chart published the updated campaign financing numbers.

These figures come as redrawn maps are expected to be released Wednesday. Redistricting committee hearings are scheduled for Thursday morning in both chambers of the state legislature.

“Republicans in North Carolina are ready to take on vulnerable Democrat incumbents across the state. Extremists like Wiley Nickel, Jeff Jackson and Don Davis don’t stand a chance against these Republican powerhouses,” said NRCC Spokeswoman Delanie Bomar in an emailed statement to Carolina Journal.

Former Army Green Beret and businessman Pat Harrigan told CJ he is grateful for the support he has received during his campaign. Harrigan is running for Congress again after a 2022 election loss to Jackson in NC-14.

“The outpouring of support we’ve received sends a clear message: North Carolinians are fed up with the shortcomings of President Biden’s leadership,” he said. “The people of NC-14 are tired of weak-kneed politicians who say one thing and do another. They’re rallying behind the idea of having a battle-tested leader in DC who has genuinely fought for our freedoms, and not just another polished attorney looking to play politics in Washington. As a Green Beret, confronting challenges head-on is in my DNA. That’s why I’m determined to ensure our children inherit a strong and thriving America.”

Harrigan raised over 6 times more than Jackson in quarter 3. Jackson raised $116,207, while Harrigan raised $752,765.

In the case of the current 14th district, it has been speculated that Jackson will run for NC Attorney General in the event the new map makes it difficult for him win.

GOP primary candidates Laurie Buckhout and Sandy Smith are running to unseat Davis in NC-01. Buckhout, who announced her campaign on October 16, published a press release via X, (formerly Twitter), stating that she is putting $1,000,000 of her own money into her campaign. Smith’s campaign raised $341,470 in quarter 3 to Davis’ $261,022. Other GOP primary candidates in the district include Fred Von Canon and Christine Villaverde.

NC State Rep. Erin Paré outraised Nickel $600,385 to $356,239 in NC-13. The GOP primary field also features military veterans Josh McConkey and Matt Shoemaker.

In terms of overall fundraising, recent data analysis from The John Locke Foundation has shown large amounts of campaign contributions for Democrat candidates have come from out of state donors.

An attempt by the state to draw congressional and General Assembly seat maps was unsuccessful in 2021 due to the former Democrat majority on the NC Supreme Court invalidating the maps as unconstitutional. The district structure for the 2022 election was then finalized by appointed special masters, leading to a 7-7 delegation split.