Recently, North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell notified his fellow state Republicans that the Biden administration sued the state of North Carolina in regards to its Elections Integrity Act. The administration was successful in reversing one provision concerning same-day registration. While it is only a small part of the overall package, it reflects a hostility toward ensuring the security of local, state, and federal elections.

This seems to be part of a broader campaign by Merrick Garland to attempt to regain African-American support. Currently the Biden administration has the lowest polling numbers in the history of the Democratic Party with minorities. His strategy appears to be generating racial strife to get African-Americans to overlook their current grievances with the administration.

Most Americans have heard the tale of “The boy who cried wolf.” A little boy, tasked with keeping his father’s sheep, grew bored and decided to have some fun at the expense of his village. Red faced and out of breath, he burst into the local tavern shouting that a wolf was attacking his father’s sheep. The villagers grabbed their weapons and turned out in force to find the sheep peacefully grazing in the field. In relief, they thanked the boy for his diligence then returned home. 

With strikingly similar circumstances, the act repeated itself, and yet again there was no wolf. In his immaturity, the little boy secretly laughed at all the trouble he caused, until one day, a real wolf came along. This time he sprinted into the village, but no one stepped forward to help. The young man returned to his pasture to find his flock scattered and spoiled. 

There are many wolf-criers in the world. One of the most recent and notorious wolf-criers is Attorney General Merrick Garland. What’s worse than his political antics is the sad reality that our Justice Department has become a political arm for interests he holds, instead of the blind arm of justice that it is supposed to be. 

Recently, Garland spoke at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama, pledging to relieve the “oppression” that voters of color are facing at the ballot box. He promised to overturn voter ID laws and other such measures, which secure our elections and ensure the integrity of the process. He cited how difficult it was for “people of color” to overcome these deleterious standards. While pontificating in his own delusional self righteousness, he forgot to apologize for insulting African Americans for being unable to meet the same standards as “white” people. Garland also failed to mention the true reason behind his impassioned speech. Fortunately for you, I will tell you in this post. 

Here are the things that Merrick Garland failed to share with his audience in Selma. First, his speech that day was not about making voting easier. Voter ID has been instituted in many states since 2021. The first state to do so was Georgia in their special Senate election run off.  Not a single vote was thrown out. No one was turned away. There were no irregularities. And they had record voting turnout. 

Rather, what Garland is attempting to do is mobilize African Americans to fight a wolf that doesn’t exist in so called “election interference.” In reality, he is attempting to distract African Americans from their reasonable abandonment of the Democratic Party. Additionally, he would like to replace their anger toward liberal officials with resentment toward conservative officials. 

Yet, in his philosophic conceit and arrogant shortsightedness he has failed to note that it is not conservative politicians in places like California, New York, and Chicago that are telling poor Americans that there is no money for their communities, while at the same time shoveling out millions to illegal aliens who have no right to our Constitution or our tax revenue. Rather it is far-left liberal politicians who are robbing the bank of American tax money to endow non Americans with what rightly belongs to our citizens. 

Across the nations, all people, not just “people of color,” are upset at the violations of our laws being rewarded with financial incentives from government officials. At the same time, Americans who fail to pay taxes are thrown in jail, have their property seized, or are kicked out from their homes. If this is not outrageous then what is?

Somehow, Gov. Hobbs of Arizona still spends time pushing her view that it is unconstitutional for local police to arrest illegal aliens. What are we coming to when we see our own government weaponized against its citizens while protecting those who are breaking our sovereign laws?

Thankfully, I am grateful for the awakening taking place in minority communities, as more and more realize that these liberal politicians are only holding their own best interest in mind. The best interest of “we the people” is not of their concern.