Driving back to North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District from a few days of rest in western North Carolina, Bo Hines knows he has a different kind of campaign in front of him to win North Carolina’s most competitive congressional district.

Hines is now the 13th District nominee.

As noted in my post-primary report, Trump-endorsed candidates received about 30% of the primary vote based largely on Trump’s support.

The 32% Hines received in the Wake, Johnston, Harnett and Wayne County district was enough to lift him to victory in the GOP primary. His nearest competitor was Johnston County GOP activist Devan Barbour who earned 23% of the vote. Barbour beat out six other candidates, several of which massively outspent Barbour. But Barbour has longtime community connections, the kind that Hines says he is dedicated to building.

“I think we have to work overtime to bring everyone in the party together,” Hines told Carolina Journal. “We have good relationships with local party activists and members of the community, but that is something we have to keep building on.”

Hines says he and his team knocked on 15,000 doors and held dozens of small house meetings with community members.

Hines told CJ he hopes to hold house meetings with 10-20 voters “four or five times a week” so that he can “hear the voters’ concerns and answer any and every question they have.”

His Democratic opponent, state Sen. Wiley Nickel, wasted no time in comparing Hines to disgraced U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn, a comparison Hines flatly rejects.

“We have completely different backgrounds, completely different pasts and completely different experiences,” said Hines.  “Yes, we are both young and have similar America first ideals, but I have no interest in being a celebrity politician. I am interested in representing the community, and in service to our constituents. I want to be available to all voters. I give anyone and everyone my cell number, I want to hear their concerns, I want to represent them.”

Darryl Mitchell, chairman of the Johnston County GOP, is already mentoring Hines on how to move forward and unite the party.

“I have told him to stay humble, visit with people and listen to them,” says Mitchell. “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. I think he can do that and bring people together. We [the Johnston County GOP] have to help Bo be successful because we can’t afford to and let a liberal former Obama staffer win the seat.”

Hines says he plans on talking with lots of parents, learning how he can represent them and empower them. He says he will be proudly pro-life, and for free speech. He plans on fighting the Biden agenda, especially the inflationary overspending.  Yes, at the same time he tells CJ, he would embrace the less political aspects of the job like helping citizens navigate the federal government, and receive their military benefits. He says the needs of the fast-growing district are real and diverse, from the farming issues in rural Harnett and Wayne, to the areas challenged by growth in Johnston and Wake.

“While the needs are different, the values are the same,” said Hines. “Right now, everyone is struggling with inflation, finding baby formula, and other problems we have to help solve. “

It is a long way until November 8, but the former North Carolina State football player and Yale graduate feels up to winning North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District. Whatever happens, it will be the most-watched congressional race in the Old North State.