Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 25, Number 2 – February 2016


• McCrory says CSX rail hub “not a viable option”

• IRS charges N.C. couple with $12 million fraud


North Carolina

• Obamacare premiums surge more than 30 percent, Page 2

• Backers rally to launch $2 billion bond package campaign, Page 3

• Critics worry about impact of Connect NC bonds on debt load, Page 4

• State Bar complaint seeks misconduct probe of Roy Cooper, Page 5

• Lawmakers surprised at renewable energy tax credit costs, Page 6

• Groups keeping tabs on tight-lipped government PR officials, Page 7

• NCGA looking at ending or revising job licensing requirements, Page 8

• Lawmakers not concerned about Duke ‘green claims’ program, Page 9


Local Government

• Landowners await ruling by Supreme Court on Map Act suit, Page 10

• Raleigh preparing to scrap many new rules on outdoor dining, Page 11



• Anti-Spellings protesters scuffle with police at BOG meeting, Page 14

• More parents, students seeing benefits of opportunity scholarships, Page 15

• Issues in Higher Education: Concussions: The latest PR battle that college athletics is facing, Page 16

• Kristen Blair commentary: A humdrum SAT for “the real world,” Page 17

• Jesse Saffron commentary: A sober appraisal, Page 17



• Troy Kickler commentary: N.C. a battleground state long before presidential politics, Page 18

• Interview: Taylor: Apply incentives to everyone, don’t target them to just a few, Page 19

• Editorial: Keep reaching for the STARS, Page 20

• Sarah Curry commentary: States take the wheel, Page 20

• Editorial: Big questions, Page 21

• Editorial: N.C.’s good example, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: Most arts funding is private, Page 21

• Media Mangle: Reporters and sources, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: N.C. may borrow to build, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Growth, equality issues will shape campaign, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: Occupational licensing reform and freedom, Page 23


Parting Shot

• CSX plans to buy and close I-95 attractions, say documents (a CJ parody), Page 24