Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 25, Number 11 – November 2016

On the cover

• Lawsuit challenges A.G.’s hog waste ‘slush fund’

• Some bands use ribbons, not kneeling, to protest


North Carolina

• Woodruff: Both parties have some healing to do, Page 2

• Economist: Those under 50 will pay debts of elders, Page 3

• Study: States with CON laws have higher mortality rates, Page 4

• McCrory, NCGA leaders: Special Matthew session unneeded, Page 5

• Study: Chiropractic and physical therapy benefits consumers, Page 6

• JLF: Minimum wage hike could cost N.C. 334,000 jobs, Page 7


Local government

• Judge to NCDOT: Start making payments to Map Act victims, Page 8

• Audit: Prison doc overbilled state more than $500,000, Page 8

• Critics: Attempts to cater to Millennials may backfire, Page 9

• Study: Wake transit tax would fund ‘underutilized’ system, Page 10

• Court: Police may not detain motorists after traffic stops, Page 11

• Michael Lowrey commentary: Riots signaled lack of leadership, Page 11



• NAACP call for charter school moratorium raises concerns, Page 14

• ‘Free speech ball’ used to fete First Amendment at WCU, Page 15

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Injustice tied to ‘social justice,’ Page 15

• Issues in Higher Education: Universities churning out next wave of higher-ed bureaucrats, Page 16

• Jenna Ashley Robinson commentary: Grad students left in dark about job prospects, Page 17

• Kristen Blair commentary: Unconventional growth in education, Page 17



• Troy Kickler commentary: William Henry Hill a rare early 19th-century N.C. Federalist, Page 18

• Interview: Bandow: Election result will be transformational for high court, Page 19

• Editorial: Amendment needed to put brake on spending, Page 20

• Roy Cordato commentary: Missing the real N.C. unemployment story, Page 20

• Editorial: No rioter’s veto, Page 21

• Editorial: N.C.’s dramatic gains, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: Innovation is a net plus, Page 21

• Media Mangle: Connecting the wrong dots, Page 22

• Michael Walden commentary: Not enough men at work, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Obama and our racial divide, Page 23

• Becki Gray commentary: Defense of freedom continues in 2017, Page 23


Parting Shot

• Lawmakers consider licensing of creepy clowns in N.C. (a CJ parody), Page 24