Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 26, Number 4 – April 2017

On the cover

• Bill would let craft distilleries sell more on premises, offer free tastings


North Carolina

• UNC Law’s Center for Civil Rights should halt political advocacy, BOG says, Page 2

• Fans of free markets give Senate tax plan high marks, Page 3

• Bill ‘raising the age’ for juvenile offenders gets bipartisan push, Page 4

• Lawmakers vote to repeal controversial ‘bathroom bill,’ governor makes it law, Page 5

• First Cooper veto override restores partisan labels to more judicial elections, Page 6

• Opioid abuse gets legislative attention, remedies remain elusive, Page 7

• Bills in House, Senate seek to raise cap on craft beer distribution, Page 8

• Duke Energy: Renewable producers getting a good deal at ratepayer expense, Page 9

• Redistricting forum pushes need to inform public of ‘problem,’ Page 10

• Hot air from the wind industry, Page 12


Local government

• Julie Tisdale commentary: BRIGHT Future Act applies urban values to rural communities, Page 14



• Alex Contarino commentary: Universities spend millions on ineffective security initiatives, Page 16

• Jenna A. Robinson commentary: Evidence, not emotion, should guide the campus concealed carry debate, Page 17

• Kristen Blair commentary: College hopes and the boys left behind, Page 17



• Spellings completes a year as UNC president, reflects on challenges, Page 18

• Hamilton’s liberalism was classical, not the progressives’ brand, Page 19



• Mitch Kokai commentary: Waiting for progressives’ cheers, Page 15

• Editorial: Cooper, intentionally or not, promotes civil society, Page 20

• Becki Gray commentary: Sending mixed messages, confusing North Carolinians, Page 20

• Editorial: Cooper is in weaker position, Page 21

• Editorial: Courts must rise to the challenge, Page 21

• John Hood commentary: Strong reform requires strong leaders, Page 21

• Michael Walden commentary: Is farming a high-tech industry?, Page 22

• Media Mangle: Bill could give distilleries shot they need to become real economic players, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: The idea of ‘fake news’ is really nothing new, Page 23

• John Trump commentary: Which came first, the chicken or the government overreach?, Page 23


Parting Shot

• Citing Duke loss, Rams Club wants H.B. 2 expanded (a CJ parody), Page 24