Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 29, Number 12 – December 2020

On the cover

• Election 2020: It’s a wrap … mostly

• Politicians aren’t born; they’re trained



• Boosting public employee unions would cost plenty, study says, Page 2

• Quick Takes, Page 3

• Gunther declared ineligible to sit as state judge, thanks to Carolina Journal, Page 4

• Mask up or else, Cooper says, Page 5

• Access granted, but not in N.C., Page 5

• Lawmakers slam state officials for COVID lockdowns that have left students behind, Page 6

• Moore declares mandate for GOP lawmakers, Page 8

• Outcome of chief justice race may depend on state elections board’s independence, Page 10



• Timeline: Republicans keep their majorities in the House and Senate, Page 11

• Q&A: Truitt to put students, not politics, at center of education policy, Page 14

• Cartoons, Page 20



• Amy Cooke commentary: Maskgiving 2020 by the numbers, Page 2

• Donald Bryson commentary: N.C. voters want state government gridlock, debate, Page 15

• Terry Stoops commentary: Education was on the ballot, and school choice won, Page 16

• Jenna A. Robinson commentary: Unifying the country starts with the education system, Page 17

• George Leef commentary: Could law school be the worst higher education investment?, Page 17

• Becki Gray commentary: The voters have spoken, now let’s get to work, Page 18

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Four suggestions to help redistricting reformers avoid past pitfalls, Page 19

• John Trump commentary: Cooper has finger on shutdown button; don’t let him press it, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: A sleeping monster: Is someone keeping an eye on inflation?, Page 23

• Michael Walden commentary: Why can’t economists agree?, Page 23

• Jordan Roberts commentary: Election outcome reveals no Medicaid expansion mandate, Page 24


Commentary by John Hood

• Parity extends down the ballot, Page 2

• Eight factors shaped N.C. elections, Page 21

• Good news on the state budget, Page 21