Carolina Journal Print Edition

Volume 29, Number 3 – March 2020

On the cover

• Promises, promises: UNC schools advertise bargain tuition, but charge designer fees

Carolina Journal continues award-winning streak at N.C. Press Association



• Polls, Page 2

• CJ Briefs, Pages 4-6

• NCDOT circus train sits alone in Nash County, Page 7

• Purdue University’s tuition freeze sets example for UNC, Page 11

• Student involvement in setting fees, Page 11

• How tuition and fees work in N.C., Page 11

• Cooper armed with bicoastal campaign donations, Page 12

• State Appeals Court blocks voter ID, jeopardizing use in general election, Page 13



• Q&A: Walter Lohman — Chinese challenge offers no easy answers for American foreign policy, Page 14



• Amy Cooke commentary: Lessons for a newcomer, Page 2

• Terry Stoops commentary: N.C. teacher turnover matters, but there is no crisis, Page 15

• Kristen Blair commentary: In the information age, civic literacy matters more than ever, Page 16

• George Leef commentary: Court decision erases a huge student debt: Good or bad?, Page 17

• Shannon Watkins commentary: GPA or SAT? Two measures are better than one, Page 17

• Becki Gray commentary: Twenty suggestions for N.C. candidates in 2020, Page 18

• Mitch Kokai commentary: Two recent cases highlight importance of 2020 N.C. Supreme Court elections, Page 19

• John Trump commentary: We’ll miss newspapers, but we need journalism more than ever, Page 22

• Andy Taylor commentary: Take a breath: State government is functioning well, Page 23

• Michael Walden commentary: Why do we have property taxes?, Page 23

• Jordan Roberts commentary: New solutions to American health care, Page 24


Commentary by John Hood

• State’s economy flourished in 2019, Page 2

• Freedom grows in North Carolina, Page 21

• Fracking has reduced carbon emissions, Page 21