The challenges facing North Carolina’s public university system are numerous. They include more limited public funding, greater academic expectations, and a poor job market for graduates. Jane Shaw, president of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, discusses a reform agenda she presented to UNC recently. Her ideas include limiting enrollment, focusing more on community colleges, re-evaluating academic programs, and considering differential tuition. Next is a look at concerns related to unemployment insurance fraud. State lawmakers are looking for ways to cut out fraud, and they recently heard concerns from groups representing employers across the state. You’ll hear ideas from Andy Ellen of the N.C. Retail Merchants Association, Gary Salamido of the N.C. Chamber, and Connie Wilson of the Employers Coalition of North Carolina. Then we turn to tax policy ideas. The old saying tells us that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes. Some libertarians wish they could eliminate taxes from that equation. Fergus Hodgson, John Locke Foundation director of fiscal policy studies, outlined basic tenets of libertarian tax policy in a presentation earlier this year for university students in Chapel Hill.That’s followed by a look at more education reform ideas from the state legislature. Last week, Carolina Journal Radio highlighted N.C. Senate leaders’ education reform plans. This week, you’ll hear ideas from the state House. A study committee recently detailed its final report to the House. Terry Stoops, JLF director of education studies, dissects that plan. And finally, as the United States commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, Troy Kickler of the North Carolina History Project discusses our state’s role in the epic conflict, as well as several key battles that occurred in our state and how North Carolinians can learn more about the Civil War.