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Carolina Journal Radio No. 823: Advocates mislead public about ‘Medicare for all’

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Many congressional Democrats, including potential 2020 presidential contenders, have endorsed the idea of providing “Medicare for All.” Roy Cordato, John Locke Foundation senior economist, examines the proposal. He explains why an expansion of the existing federal health insurance program for older Americans would not lead to the results “Medicare for All” proponents are proposing. The Democratic takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives means a much different political world for conservatives and for the Trump administration. David French, National Review senior editor, explores the potential impact of recent political changes on conservative policy priorities. State government collects plenty of data. That doesn’t mean the data is used most effectively. Charles Perusse, Gov. Roy Cooper’s state budget director, recently told lawmakers the governor is likely to seek funding in the next budget to help make better use of collected government information. Dr. William Roper recently transitioned from leading the University of North Carolina Healthcare system to leading the university system. During his first official meeting as interim UNC president, Roper outlined his priorities for the 17 campuses across the state. Hog farms have faced repeated legal fights in North Carolina in recent years. Donald van der Vaart, John Locke Foundation senior fellow, explains that many of those fights have resulted despite the fact that farmers have complied with regulations established by government agencies.