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NAEP Scores Show Mixed Results For NC Students

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New student achievement data shows a mixed bag of results for North Carolina’s 4th and 8th grades students. That fact has created more debate over whether North Carolina made the right decision in adopting the Common Core education standards in 2010. John Locke Foundation Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops delves into the test scores in reading and math and explains why neither supporters of Common Core nor detractors of Common Core should be hanging their hats on these results. Then we turn to a discussion about compensation for state legislators. The average North Carolina legislator earns base pay of less than $14,000 per year, though other regular payments for mileage and expenses can drive that pay up to $40,000 during years with long legislative sessions. Legislative leaders recently asked the National Conference of State Legislatures to compare North Carolina to other states. You’ll hear highlights from the NCSL report, along with reaction from N.C. lawmakers. Next is a look at one of two new Cabinet-level state departments in our state. One of the departments combines military and veterans services in one place. Gov. Pat McCrory recently appointed retired Marine Major Gen. Cornell Wilson to lead the department. You’ll hear Wilson’s priorities for the new job. That’s followed by a look at economics and higher education. Many university business schools fall short when it comes to teaching students the basics of the free-market economic system. Derek Yonai, head of the Center for Free Enterprise at Florida Southern College, explains why an education in free markets is essential to a well-rounded business education. And finally, we look at Obamacare as the latest enrollment period gets underway. John Locke Foundation Health Care Policy Analyst Katherine Restrepo discusses who is and isn’t enrolling and why, and looks at the unkept promise of lower health care costs made by Obamacare supporters.