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Say What? Gov. Perdue Suggests Suspending Elections

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Gov. Beverly Perdue’s recent speech before the Cary Rotary Club erupted into a national news story when she suggested suspending congressional elections in order to make leaders address the poor economy. Carolina Journal Managing Editor Rick Henderson looks at Perdue’s comments, reaction from the media, and the conflicting explanations given by Perdue’s spokespeople. He also weighs in on social media impact on the new election cycle. Then we turn to a Republican Party up-and-comer Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has become a rising star in the American conservative movement since his surprising win over a moderate Republican in the 2010 election. Rubio recently chose to deliver his first major foreign-policy address in North Carolina. You’ll hear highlights from Rubio’s discussion of American exceptionalism, China, Cuba, and immigration during his appearance for the Jesse Helms Center at Wingate University. Next is a look at surplus property. Some lawmakers want to know whether North Carolina government can sell some of the more than 11,800 buildings it owns across the state. Past history suggests that task might be tough. Legislators recently discussed the issue with the Department of Administration official who’s leading a review of potential surplus state properties. That’s followed by comments about the global warming movement. In the wake of Climategate, global warming alarmists continue to push measures that could have drastic negative impacts on the  American economy. Patrick Michaels, senior research fellow for economic and policy development at George Mason University and senior fellow at the Cato Institute, recently edited the book Climate Coup: Global Warming’s Invasion of Our Government and Our Lives. He discusses key themes from that book. And finally, John Locke Foundation Director of Education Studies Terry Stoops makes recommendations for improving how North Carolina’s teaching colleges train new classroom teachers.