• N.C. Certificate of Need laws cause real pain

     On a recent Monday morning around 1, my husband woke up in severe pain. He knew what this was. By 1:15, we were in the car on our way to the ER. Kidney stones. They’re not life-threatening, and I’ve never had one, but people who have tell me it’s awful.

  • Repeal Certificate of Need so patients have better access to health care 

    Patients deserve better access to both life-saving and life-preserving health-care treatments. Which means physicians, hospitals, and other health care facilities should be able to invest in their communities to address unmet patient demand for critical services such as kidney dialysis units, cost-effective surgery, neonatal intensive care units, nursing homes, and much, much, more.

  • Senate budget gives certificate of need the (eventual) ax

    One item in Senate’s $22.9 billion spending plan isn’t budgeted to cost the state a penny, with advocates arguing it will reduce government bureaucracy and improve access to medical services. Indeed, the former head of the state medical society has estimated that shift — the gradual repeal of…

  • Hospitals ready to use political clout to preserve certificate of need

    The battle to preserve the state’s certificate-of-need laws is about to get personal. A newly formed political organization, connected with the North Carolina Hospital Association, seems poised to target elected officials who oppose CON laws, which require a state bureaucracy to approve new free-standing ambulatory…

  • Certificate of need may be on the chopping block, again

    Sen. Ralph Hise doesn’t take no for an answer. The Mitchell County Republican was close last year but unsuccessful pushing a bill to eliminate the state’s archaic certificate-of-need system, which limits competition in health care through tight restrictions. He vowed to take another…

  • Certificate of need may get overhaul from Raleigh or D.C.

    The push to reform North Carolina’s certificate-of-need laws that limit entry into the state’s health care market will continue in the upcoming session, state senators say. An academic researcher also says it’s possible that President-elect Trump’s administration might seek to dissolve the state regulations. Because the incoming administration wants to…

  • Study: States with certificate of need have higher death rates

    Hospital patients die at higher rates from some common maladies in states that require providers to obtain a certificate of need for certain medical services, a new study concluded. Thomas Stratmann and David Wille of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University authored a working paper titled “Certificate-of-Need Laws…

  • Senate Committee Considers Repealing Certificate of Need

    State Sen. Ralph Hise, R-Mitchell, said the state’s certificate-of-need law, a major regulatory barrier to reducing costs and competition in health care, would be repealed under a bill working its way through the Senate Health Care Committee. House Bill 161 “is very simple. All CON regulations with the state will…

  • Stifling Competition: Repeal Certificate Of Need Law

    Katherine Restrepo on law that allows state to say yes or no to medical facilities; update on paying down $2.8 billion debt to feds; lawmakers on options for new HHS home; Mark Steckbeck on morality of capitalism; Sarah Curry on two gov't revenue streams

  • Certificate of Need Study Bill Passes First House Vote

    RALEIGH — House Bill 177 initially would have relaxed state certificate of need regulations to allow private surgeons and physicians to establish low-cost, single-specialty, ambulatory surgery centers. If the current bill passes the Senate, a legislative study committee would draft fresh legislation for next year’s short session.