• Legislative Mini Sessions Under the Microscope

    Becki Gray on legislative mini sessions; legislators on need for agencies to consult with legislature; Barry Boardman & Jerry Tillman on relationship between tax rates & revenues; Vern Pike on "Checkpoint Charlie"; Jeanette Doran on NCICL 2012 focus

  • Defending North Carolina’s Constitution

    Bob Orr on legal accomplishments of NCICL; Beth Wood on gov't performance measures; Debbie Clary, Edgar Starnes & David Lewis on $17 million unused rail spur; John Rustin on legislature's business policies; Michael Sanera on privatizing county functions.

  • Weekly Report 2011-11-23

    For the week of November 23, 2011 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH — Three Democrats whose re-election chances grew longer as the result of a Republican redistricting plan voted Friday for a constitutional amendment requiring…

  • House to Look at Options for Selling Government Assets

    RALEIGH — Fiscal conservatives say property that has commercial value and is not needed for state operations should generate tax revenues. Liberals warn against shedding property that is used to provide essential public services.

  • The Vision Thing With Arms Akimbo

    Together, Kasarda and Lindsay have written a compelling, but ultimately unconvincing, book promoting a Utopian vision of globalization and explaining how the aerotropolis is key to this vision of the future.

  • NCGA Preview: Week of May 16

    RALEIGH — The Senate continues to pick apart the House-passed budget seeking additional savings, while the House considers legislation protecting property rights and limiting damages in some civil lawsuits.

  • NCGA Preview: Week of May 9

    RALEIGH — Although Senate leaders have suggested they’ll make minor tweaks to the budget, the latest indications are that the Senate might pass the House version of the budget as is. The goal is to avoid alienating the five Democrats who joined the Republican caucus in passing the budget in the House.

  • Volume 20, Number 5 – May 2011

    Cover • Misleading counting method inflates rail jobs • Packer questions state’s environmental calls North Carolina • GOP promises ‘fair and legal’ redistricting, Page 2 • Tea Party activists say they are alive and well in North Carolina, Page 3 • Bill would increase auto dealer protections,…

  • Weekly Report 2011-04-22

    For the week of April 22, 2011 – carolinajournal.com Reaction of the Week RALEIGH — Pro-lifers say a bill pending in the General Assembly would save thousands of unborn lives by ensuring that abortion-minded women are furnished with needed…

  • NCGA Preview: Week of April 18

    RALEIGH — Redistricting will continue to drawn attention when legislators hold another round of public hearings Wednesday. Look for the same with a sweeping charter-school reform law.