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  • One lawyer’s dream come true: Getting Democrats elected 

    Marc Elias, the high-profile Washington, D.C., political operative with a law license, has one goal — getting Democrats elected to office. A crucial 2020 election and coronavirus have Elias believing he’s got an opportunity to put North Carolina in the win column for Democrats with expanded mail voting.

  • Party should explore policies that bring people to the polls  

    North Carolina now has its second voter identification law. A federal court voided the first because it would not consider forms of ID disproportionately used by minorities, such as cards or documents given to government employees, students, and people on public assistance.  In this past November’s referendum, the state’s residents…

  • Steinberg Tries To Knock Off Freshman Pittenger in 9th District

    RALEIGH — Freshman U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-9th, says enacting effective policy makes it necessary to work across party lines under certain circumstances. Challenger Michael Steinberg chides Pittenger for backing House Speaker John Boehner and says he would support South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy for the top post in the…