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  • Apple’s sweetheart deal has a rotten core

    The economy is rigged, but not in the way Bernie Sanders thinks – capitalism is not the problem. Instead, an active, hands-on economic approach has allowed corporations and politicians to rig the tax code in their favor.   To find an example of what I am talking…

  • Sanders would hurt state Democrats

    For a party that promises to make the character and judgment of the current occupant of the White House the central theme of the 2020 election cycle, nominating Bernie Sanders would be a self-inflicted wound.

  • States are better governed

    Even if Washington confiscated every dollar received by every American in excess of $500,000 a year, that would yield only $11.8 trillion in new revenue over the next decade — less than currently projected deficits.

  • Political Coin Lands On Its Edge

    Over all the 17 publicly released polls taken since early February about the governor's race, Roy Cooper gets an average of 43 percent of the vote to Pat McCrory’s 42 percent.

  • Reduce Costs, Not Just Prices

    Rather than shift rising costs around by manipulating the prices apparent to consumers, today’s conservative reformers are interested in actually reducing those costs over time.

  • Presidential Contender Sanders Promises ‘Real Change’ At Raleigh Rally

    In a speech highlighting racial, ethnic, and gender-identity groups while pledging to introduce tax plans that redistribute wealth, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders told a raucous audience of 2,200 supporters at Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium Friday that banks are “the most powerful, greedy group of people in the world,” and Hillary Clinton is beholden…