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  • Governor should lead on pipeline

    While laying the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will employ thousands of construction workers for a time, the real payoff will come from permanent jobs and income gains derived from gas access and lower-cost electricity.

  • Agency mergers can bring benefits

    The past six years have brought significant change in North Carolina government and policy. Conservatives tend to like the budget restraint, tax cuts, school choice initiatives, and other reforms that the Republican-led legislature and former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory enacted. Progressives tend to dislike them. When it comes to the…

  • PARODY: Perdue Calls For Cancellation of 2016 Elections

      Former Gov. Beverly Perdue unveils her plan to cancel the 2016 elections. (CJ spoof photo) Former Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat, has been working privately with members of the state’s Republican General Assembly majority to cancel the 2016 elections, Carolina Journal has learned. It’s a revival of…

  • Perdue Now Owns ObamaCare

    Perdue and Cooper did the wrong thing. They defended a lousy policy because it is their president’s policy. Now it’s their lousy policy, too.

  • Lady of the Dance

    The best economic-development policy is not to focus on individual recruitment prospects but rather to improve the overall business climate.

  • Senate Finally Passes Lottery

    RALEIGH - The state Senate barely passed a measure that will institute a lottery in North Carolina after many years of holding out, while neighboring states had gradually adopted their own games. The majority of Democrats who wanted it were only able to win approval because two Republicans opposed to…