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  • N.C. franchise tax: It’s time to reconsider

    North Carolina’s franchise tax is a punitive and opaque tax levied on businesses organized under one of the usual corporate forms, primarily C-Corps and S-Corps. It is inconsistent with both good economics and good government. Most of the problems associated with the corporate income tax are also present in the…

  • Good News on Taxes

    North Carolina’s corporate tax rate is dropping. That will bring more jobs and higher incomes for North Carolinians, as well as greater transparency in taxation.

  • The Consensus Tax Cut

    it’s worth taking a moment to underline a key area of agreement: that North Carolina’s corporate-income tax is burdensome, complex, and harmful to the state’s economy.

  • Cut The Corporate Tax Rate

    America’s relatively high tax rate on corporate income is one reason why American corporations are more highly leveraged than are many of their competitors.