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  • Certificate of need may get overhaul from Raleigh or D.C.

    The push to reform North Carolina’s certificate-of-need laws that limit entry into the state’s health care market will continue in the upcoming session, state senators say. An academic researcher also says it’s possible that President-elect Trump’s administration might seek to dissolve the state regulations. Because the incoming administration wants to…

  • Liberals should rediscover federalism

    Bashing the Electoral College may be therapeutic for liberal Democrats. But if they want to respond to the 2016 election in an effective way, they should rediscover the virtues of federalism.

  • More conservative gains are coming

    If the Trump administration and the GOP Congress practice what they preach, states and localities will have far more policy room to maneuver than they had under President Obama.

  • GOP elephants never forget

    Democrats say Republicans should have refused to support their party’s presidential nominee because of his despicable personal behavior. Hypocrisy, anyone?…

  • Van der Vaart: Trump expected to scrap excessive green regulations

    President-elect Donald Trump is likely to reshape the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and alter some of its most burdensome regulations, which will benefit North Carolina farmers, businesses, and utility ratepayers, state Department of Environmental Quality Secretary Donald van der Vaart says. Two of President Obama’s signature regulations, the Clean Power…

  • State will resolve key issues

    The previous assumption that all or part of House Bill 2 was destined for destruction in federal court — which was never warranted in the first place — is now dissipating.

  • Governor’s race undecided in otherwise big GOP night

    A stunning election night ended with several election races — including the contest for governor — unresolved, even as Republicans Donald Trump and Richard Burr scored significant victories and the GOP retained its supermajority status in the General Assembly. In the race for governor, Democratic Attorney…