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  • Ex-FBI agent Stuber draws parallels between Clinton, Edwards cases

    Republican state auditor candidate and former FBI special agent Chuck Stuber says he was puzzled that the agency’s investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private email server did not follow standard protocol on several fronts, though he said FBI Director James Comey may have performed a “stroke of genius”…

  • Candidates go their own way

    Since North Carolina politics became truly competitive, Democrats have tended to outperform their presidential nominees while Republicans have tended to underperform theirs.

  • PARODY: Perdue Calls For Cancellation of 2016 Elections

      Former Gov. Beverly Perdue unveils her plan to cancel the 2016 elections. (CJ spoof photo) Former Gov. Beverly Perdue, a Democrat, has been working privately with members of the state’s Republican General Assembly majority to cancel the 2016 elections, Carolina Journal has learned. It’s a revival of…

  • State Pollsters Earn Good Grades

    According to the latest nationwide study by the website FiveThirtyEight.com, all of the pollsters that are most active in our state receive high marks for accuracy — either an A or a B+.

  • Political Coin Lands On Its Edge

    Over all the 17 publicly released polls taken since early February about the governor's race, Roy Cooper gets an average of 43 percent of the vote to Pat McCrory’s 42 percent.

  • Go Play A Serious Game

    Under Democrats and Republicans alike, the federal government has run gigantic deficits — and will continue to run them for decades to come, primarily because of projected growth in entitlements.

  • House GOP Official: Presidential Race Will Drive Turnout

    Donald Trump is likely to win the Republican presidential nomination at or before the Cleveland nominating convention, and even though voters have soured on the candidates, the presidential race will drive turnout, a state Republican official says. “The mood is negative nationally. The mood is negative in the state,” Jim…