• Let’s spoil the garden party

    A truly federal form of government gives states, communities, and individuals lots of room to breathe. It promotes diversity and competition. Do we have a truly federal form of government?…

  • Liberals should rediscover federalism

    Bashing the Electoral College may be therapeutic for liberal Democrats. But if they want to respond to the 2016 election in an effective way, they should rediscover the virtues of federalism.

  • 6th Circuit gives N.C. a victory in municipal broadband dispute

    The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals handed the states of North Carolina and Tennessee a victory on Wednesday when it struck down a Federal Communications Commission rule that pre-empted the states’ regulation of municipal broadband service within their borders. The three-judge panel said that the FCC overstepped its authority.

  • Making a Federal Case of It

    Federalism isn’t the only value in the system. States and localities do not have unbridled authority to encroach on the individual rights of American citizens.

  • Court Limits Federal Challenge to Rules

    RALEIGH — The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has clarified under what circumstances someone may challenge the constitutionality of a state or local regulation. In a case involving an Asheville street preacher, the appeals court held that those who have not exhausted their appeals under state law may not…