• VIDEO: Bill Could Limit Out-of-State Wine Shipments

    SAXAPAHAW — The N.C. Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association's Executive Director Tim Kent says the federal CARE Act would not limit a small winery's access to markets. Benjamin Vineyards owner Andy Zeeman says the opposite. He describes the bill as a first step wholesalers will use to then demand that…

  • VIDEO: House Passes Budget As Teachers Protest

    RALEIGH — The North Carolina House of Representatives passed its more than $19-billion budget over the protests of the state's teachers' union. The budget plan now moves to the Senate, where GOP leaders say they may shrink spending even further.

  • NCGA Preview: Week of May 2

    RALEIGH — The budget would keep a fundamental promise Republicans made during the 2010 election campaign by eliminating the one-cent sales tax addition enacted in 2009.

  • Republicans Split on Rail Bill

    RALEIGH — Republicans in a House committee split on whether to take more control over the Department of Transportation’s future efforts to build commuter rail across the state. Rep. Ric Killian, R-Mecklenburg, has been working to stop commuter upgrades to the tracks, but he’s faced stiff opposition.

  • Unborn Victims of Violence Act Headed to Perdue

    RALEIGH — If House Bill 215 becomes law, North Carolina would join nearly three dozen other states in recognizing unborn children, along with their pregnant mothers, as potential crime victims. The bill also would signal the first time North Carolina law recognizes life as beginning at conception.

  • Republicans Link Unemployment Benefits to Budget Resolution

    RALEIGH — Gov. Bev Perdue and other Democratic leaders say the Republicans’ tactics play political games with people depending on unemployment benefits. Republicans blame the state Employment Security Commission intentionally failed to notify lawmakers that the benefits would expire within days.

  • NCGA Preview: Week of April 11

    RALEIGH — This week, the House spending subcommittees charged with education, health and human services, justice and public safety, natural and economic resources, transportation, and general government will release their initial proposals.