• Changing landscape of public education

    WASHINGTON, DC — Since the mid-1990s, two trends have transformed the landscape of American public education: enrollment has increased because of the growth of the Hispanic population, and the number of schools has also increased. Read how they intersect.

  • Hispanic Influx Hits Schools Hardest

    RALEIGH — A massive influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, into North Carolina has thrust thousands of non-English speaking students into the public school system, leaving local teachers and administrators with a daunting task in their efforts to educate this expanding population.

  • Call. 87: UNC, Community Colleges Want Better Salaries

    UNC wants $28.5 million and the Community College System $61.5 million in order to make faculty salaries competitive with peer institutions. AND While 41 percent of non-Hispanic whites attend college in the United States, only 22 percent of Hispanic youths go, according to "Education=Success."…