• Friday Interview: Unbiased History

    RALEIGH — Welcome to Carolina Journal Online’s Friday Interview. Today John Locke Foundation President John Hood interviews Dr. Larry Schweikart, Professor of History at the University of Dayton, about his recently released book, A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror. The…

  • On History, Revision & Overreaction

    A certain attraction in Virginia is talking about adding “street scuffles” and “an occasional all-out brawl” to its performances to revive flagging attendance. There are bigger issues at stake than box office.

  • New Look at America’s Birth

    Think you know the whole story about George Washington crossing the Delaware? Probably not unless you have read a recent, Pulitzer-winning book by the eminent historian David Hackett Fischer.

  • The Future of History is Now

    A shockingly large number of our students are graduating from school without the firm grounding in history they need to be good voters and citizens. The state’s history museum can help.

  • General Grant Defended in Raleigh

    RALEIGH – Edward Bonekemper has a passion for Civil War history. After he retired from a successful legal career, it led to his first publication, How Robert E. Lee Lost the Civil War. It chronicled tactical errors that led to the South being defeated by the North. A natural follow-up…

  • Gap Persists in Knowledge of Asia

    RALEIGH — North Carolina’s history and geography curriculum have been revamped, but one group is saying that American schools aren’t doing enough to fill the huge gap in young Americans’ knowledge about Asia. That’s not only ignorant, it’s dangerous, according to the Asia Society. U.S. military involvement in Iraq, and…

  • Founding Fathers Debate Issues in Raleigh

    RALEIGH -- Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry were more good-natured debaters than avowed combatants in a discussion of new and old issues at a March 12 event in Raleigh. The John Locke Foundation hosted the banquet featuring the two distinguished Virginians, who had journeyed south from Colonial Williamsburg.