• Friday Interview: Examining a Key Battle In the Iraq War

    RALEIGH — The history of the Iraq War is far from complete, but historians have started to examine key episodes from the conflict. Richard Lowry targets an important campaign in the book New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah. Lowry discussed the book with Mitch Kokai for Carolina Journal Radio.

  • Zinni Points to Iraq Mistakes

    RALEIGH — Retired Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni, speaking at a luncheon yesterday for the John Locke Foundation, discussed the problems he sees in the Iraq War and how the United States should proceed.

  • Playing the Confidence Game

    Confidence in public-policy debate is valuable, but being confident in one’s viewpoint is not the same as being brazen, insolent, or close-minded.

  • The Too-Conservative John Edwards

    Some are suggesting that Democrats who voted for the use of force in Iraq, such as John Edwards, may be at a disadvantage in the presidential race in 2008. This is a good example of a reckless extrapolation.

  • We Should Take Our Chances

    It was a perfect weekend for dwelling on the problem of predictions, with popular elections occurring where they weren’t supposed to (Iraq) and icy conditions not occurring where they were supposed to (Piedmont NC).

  • Right War at the Right Time

    Faced with a regime trying to kill your troops, train and finance your terrorist enemies, develop dangerous bio-weapons, and block the march of freedom, would you invade and overthrow it?…

  • Iraqi-American Discusses War

    RALEIGH — Dr. Maha Alattar has a perspective on Iraq that’s different from the one reported by national media. Unlike American journalists, Dr. Alattar is a native of Iraq and offers an unusually insightful version of what is happening in her country. Alattar is an assistant professor of neurology at…

  • General Assesses Iraq War, Media

    RALEIGH — Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney ended his distinguished career with the U.S. Air Force as assistant vice chief of staff after combat in Vietnam and long service overseas in various capacities. He now regularly appears on “Fox News Channel” as the cable network’s senior military analyst. He recently spoke…