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  • North Carolina’s new redistricting process, a model for the nation

    North Carolina’s history of drawing congressional and legislative districts is challenging to defend for both political parties. Political opportunism and warfare come with the “big pen” when drawing these critical maps, and there is always outrage for those not at the table. Look no further than when Former Republican Co-Speaker…

  • Secretive budget process efficient but bad for governance, analysts say

    Republican legislative leaders’ decision to hold secretive budget deliberations was bad politics, and could further motivate angry Democrats to flood the voting booth this fall, political observers say. GOP leaders counter that the budget they unveiled Monday night (links here) merely makes some minor adjustments…

  • Questions Still Surround Black Property Settlement

    RALEIGH — Wake County officials say imprisoned former North Carolina House Speaker Jim Black satisfied a court-ordered $1 million fine recently by surrendering some Mecklenburg County real estate, but questions remain about the real market value of the property, who owns the parcels, and whether the transfer was legitimate.

  • 9 Senators: Keep Black’s Promise

    RALEIGH — Nine state senators want to fulfill a promise made by former House Speaker Jim Black, who in 2002 made a "personal commitment" to give Johnson & Wales University $10 million in state money in exchange for relocating a campus in Charlotte.

  • Black Pleads Guilty to Corruption

    RALEIGH — Former House Speaker Jim Black, in a plea agreement with the United States Attorney, admitted guilt in federal court yesterday to "corruptly accepting things of value concerning programs receiving federal funds."…

  • JimBlackMustGo.com To Shut Down

    RALEIGH — The creator of the Web site jimblackmustgo.com, citing his belief that House Speaker Jim Black will be indicted as a result of ongoing investigations, has announced that he will remove his site from the Internet at the end of this month.

  • Will Scandals Affect Nov. Elections?

    RALEIGH — Less than two months remain before the elections in November, and while Republicans nationally worry how scandals and spending could lessen their prospects for maintaining power in Congress, in North Carolina it’s the reverse — Democrats fear that corruption might be their undoing.

  • Decker Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

    RALEIGH — Former N.C. Rep. Michael Decker, Sr. of Forsyth County pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court to crimes associated with efforts to elect Jim Black to another term as speaker of the House in 2003. Court documents tell of a deal made with an unnamed legislator that resulted in…