• Home Is Where The Dart Is

    Should we care where legislators and candidates sleep at night? A modest proposal to end candidate-residency wars and some gerrymandering abuses.

  • It Pays to Consider Reform

    Sure, state legislators in Raleigh are more than willing to enact major reforms of lobbying and the legislative process this year. They just want to be paid for it.

  • The Session’s End — Or Is It?

    The NC Senate has gone, apparently for good, but the House vows to stay in Raleigh and keep passing bills. Here’s hoping that the forces of inaction and delay prevail in the session-end spat.

  • The ABCs of Public Legislation

    Lawmakers are getting scrutiny, once again, for taking per-diem checks even though they are really in session in Raleigh this week. That’s not really the right way to see the problem, though.

  • Cooper About to Make News

    The state auditor has just issued a detailed report on lawmakers' use of slush funds. Now it is the attorney general's turn at the microphone.

  • Weak Case Against Lobbying Reform

    A bill to reform North Carolina’s lobbying laws easily passed the Senate and now awaits House action. There are some arguments advanced against the idea, but not very publicly. That’s understandable.

  • How Do Other States Do It?

    One knock on lobbying reform in North Carolina is that a system of caps on annual gifts to legislators would make it difficult to “do the public’s business.” How does public business get done in Georgia and South Carolina?…