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  • Court keeps governor in his lane

    Perhaps Cooper and his aides think they are “fighting fire with fire.” But North Carolinians deserve leaders who, in advancing their political agendas, don’t end up scorching the state constitution.

  • Progress needed on road safety

    As our state continues to grow and develop, we will need to have transportation revenue and expenditure systems that keep up with demand and produce high value for every dollar invested.

  • Why North Carolinians are upbeat

    North Carolina is now spending hundreds of millions of dollars more a year than it used to building, expanding, resurfacing, and maintaining our highways — and the results are evident.

  • Cooper retains some McCrory policies

    Roy Cooper knows that winning one of the closest gubernatorial election in American history, by two-tenths of a percentage point, wasn’t exactly a compelling mandate for full-throated progressivism.

  • McCrory to NCGA: Don’t spend tainted pipeline money

    Former Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, urged the General Assembly not to spend any money from a fund negotiated by his Democratic successor, Roy Cooper, and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline operators, saying the process for securing the money was tainted. In a phone interview the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 13,…

  • Lead with mind, not chin

    During Roy Cooper's first year as governor, North Carolina had grown less robustly and added jobs at a slower rate than it did when Pat McCrory was governor.

  • Prison reform is hopeful sign

    The state was sending some offenders to prison who might best be punished by other means, which was increasing the cost to taxpayers as well as the risk that such offenders would commit subsequent crimes.