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  • Children’s Business Fair encourages entrepreneurship

    A group of aspiring entrepreneurs will open for business Sept. 10 in The Commons area at Raleigh’s North Hills mall. But unlike most enterprise owners, these capitalists aren’t yet old enough to drive, vote, or take out a bank loan. The Raleigh Children’s Business Fair, sponsored by the…

  • N.C. Combats Domestic Violence

    The city of High Point is making national headlines for its innovative approach to combating the scourge of domestic violence. Nearby Lexington has adopted the same model.

  • Foundation and Empire

    One of the most underreported stories in North Carolina politics is the influence of a politically connected foundation run by a former state legislator.

  • Friday Interview: Excellence in Education

    RALEIGH — Today, Carolina Journal Radio’s Mitch Kokai discusses excellence in education with Stephen Balch, president and founder of The National Association of Scholars. Balch recently addressed a conference sponsored by The Pope Center for Higher Education Policy. (Go here to find a station near you or to learn about…