• The Next Big Budget Problem

    Because protecting individual rights through trying and incarcerating criminals is the first and highest function of government, prison capacity must receive a high priority in any sensible appropriations process.

  • Prisons Continue Trend on Nonprofits

    RALEIGH — The NC General Assembly has fallen in love with nonprofit organizations that shield it from the direct responsibility for special projects funded by taxpayers. One example is Golden LEAF, which administers half the state’s share of the tobacco settlement. Another is the E-NC Authority, which distributes public funds…

  • State Sours on Private Prisons

    RALEIGH — The biennial state budget signed June 30 by Gov. Mike Easley provided for the construction of three prisons in North Carolina. In addition, the General Assembly authorized the state to purchase what once was its only two significant private prisons from Correctional Properties Trust, the company that owns…