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  • Curtain Surrounds Theater’s Revenue

    RALEIGH — Roanoke Rapids keeps no attendance records for the 1,500-seat publicly financed Randy Parton Theatre, nor does the city know whether Parton profits from the sale of concessions or merchandise at the theater, the city manager says.

  • More Secrets at Parton Theatre

    RALEIGH — Roanoke Rapids City Manager Phyllis Lee refused Monday to release a Randy Parton Theatre quarterly financial statement that she had received from Randy Parton’s production company.

  • Show time for Parton Theatre

    RALEIGH — Entertainer Randy Parton, brother of country superstar Dolly Parton, says he will give his first performance at the new Randy Parton Theatre at Roanoke Rapids on July 26. City and state officials have a lot on the line: They provided 100 percent financing for the startup business venture…