• JLF’s Becki Gray appears on News 14 Carolina’s Political Connections

    Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation vice president for outreach, appears Dec. 5, 2008, on News 14 Carolina’s “Political Connections” program with host Tim Boyum. In this clip, Gray describes problems associated with a state government-mandated coastal insurance program known as the Beach Plan.

  • Friday Interview: Regulation by Litigation

    RALEIGH — Andrew Morriss, H. Ross and Helen Workman professor of law and professor of business at the University of Illinois, recently discussed the concept of “regulation by litigation” in a Raleigh speech. He also discussed the topic with Mitch Kokai for Carolina Journal Radio.

  • Friday Interview: Costs of Regulation

    RALEIGH — Today, Carolina Journal Radio’s Mitch Kokai talks with Lisa Martin, director of Regulatory Affairs for the North Carolina Homebuilders’ Association. Martin recently spoke to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftsbury Society about the power of regulation over residential and economic development, specifically the role of the State Department of…

  • A Captivating Question

    The North Carolina Banking Commission did the right thing the other day – but the fact that it even needed to make the decision in question was troubling, as was its justification.

  • The Buzz About the Birds

    In an animal protection vs. property rights clash, landowners and homeowners in some parts of North Carolina have been place on the endangered species list. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is causing landowners to choose between protecting their land or protecting the endangered-list birds in Boling Spring Lakes. The…

  • Yet Another “Special” Case

    Auto dealers say that they must have a special law to keep competitors from encroaching on their turf. One striking characteristic of this argument is how very non-special it is in the legislative process.