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  • States can limit regulatory damage

    In addition to arguing against unwise Biden administration policies, North Carolina leaders should use the state tools they have at their disposal to promote entrepreneurship and job creation.

  • State regulatory reform is working

    Although regulatory reform may well be the most important legacy of the state’s conservative governance since 2011, it has often been overshadowed by other events and issues.

  • What to expect during this week’s legislative session

    Another session of the N.C. General Assembly — this one especially short — should convene at noon Oct. 4. In an email last week, House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, told House Republicans to expect to be in Raleigh for three days, starting Wednesday. And, says Moore in the email,…

  • Senate passes General Fund budget by veto-proof margin

    After roughly two hours of debate, Thursday evening the Republican-led Senate passed a $22.9 billion General Fund budget for the 2017-19 fiscal cycle by an initial 34-15 party-line vote, more than the 30 votes that would be needed to override a veto by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Discussions of…

  • Finding common ground may elude 2017 General Assembly

    Perhaps the biggest task facing a Republican-controlled General Assembly when it returns from a two-week hiatus Wednesday is finding common ground with a new Democratic governor, and vice versa. That’s a significant challenge, considering the contentious nature of last year’s special sessions and the flurry of lawsuits that followed. Lawmakers…

  • Rules review head wants more regulations scrapped

    Many state agencies are skirting legislation requiring them to determine whether the regulations they collectively impose are necessary, said Garth Dunklin, chairman of the state Rules Review Commission. Dunklin wants tighter controls to force agencies to look closer at rules they issue and potentially remove more of them from the books.