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  • Undecided lean right on key issues

    GOP candidates running in competitive legislative districts should highlight North Carolina’s economic progress, emphasize pro-growth policies such as tax relief, and talk about the rule of law.

  • Silent Sam must be restored

    To allow the mob to achieve its objective in removing Silent Sam would reward criminality, weaken the rule of law, and set a dangerous precedent. What might the next mob do?…

  • UNC facing tough questions after fall of Silent Sam

    After a historic protest that ended in the illegal takedown of Silent Sam, a Confederate statue at UNC-Chapel Hill, the university faces tough inquiries about campus security and law enforcement. A striking question — about how a handful of people tore down a weighty statue…

  • In the wake of Silent Sam

    I studied history at a college with a Confederate soldier monument during the biggest progressive social upheaval since the 1960’s. I know just about every single way that old boy can be interpreted. What those idealistic college kids and older antagonizers recently did in Chapel…

  • Monument protests marred by illegality

    We simply can’t have people defacing public property because legal attempts to redress their grievances haven’t yet succeeded, or attempting to coerce government agencies to comply by threatening criminal action.