• Boost health access by lowering cost

    North Carolina should not let its licensing laws block rural residents from accessing out-of-state specialists as long as those physicians are in good standing with their home states’ medical boards.

  • How to expand insurance coverage without expanding Medicaid

    The state treasurer and the N.C. Healthcare Association can’t reach consensus over how to pay for health insurance for state employees. The governor and some legislative leaders are advocating Medicaid expansion to cover an additional 600,000 people, which would cost the state roughly $600 million the first two years. The…

  • Experts: Government Impeding Medical Technology

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Medical technology that seemed relegated to science fiction is at hand, but fast-moving innovations are threatened by established interests and government regulations, said a panel of medical and academic experts at the State Policy Network’s recent annual meeting in Grand Rapids, Mich. Advances in science allow personalized…