• Show the Report Card

    North Carolinians may initially be surprised and troubled when they get more-accurate information about student performance, but they’ll appreciate the truth in the long run.

  • Time For A Testing Revolt

    Across the country, parents are fed up with excessive student testing, and they’re having an impact on state policy. There’s hope for North Carolina parents, too.

  • N.C. Ranked First by Princeton Review

    Karen Palasek writes that the Princeton Review, long known for preparing students to take college and graduate study admissions tests like the SAT, the LSAT, and the MCAT, has ranked North Carolina at the top in their first annual evaluation of state testing and accountability.

  • Put It To The Test

    We are about to undergo the annual ritual of hearing how well our students did on North Carolina's end-of-year tests. Of course they did well – the tests are designed to be passed through educated guessing. Skepticism is warranted.