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Researchers focus on environmental pros, cons of electric vehicles

Advocates of electric vehicles point to their benefits in reducing air pollution. But the story is not quite as simple as the advocates suggest.

Andrew Yates, professor in the UNC-Chapel Hill economics department, explained Monday for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society why electric vehicles can cause more environmental harm than good, depending on where they operate.

  • Bikewalknc ED

    if EV’s are more polluting than cars we should have all our homes powered by gasoline delivered to our homes. we have to take into account the full lifecycle of gasoline production and delivery in its environmental impact not just tail pipe emissions. no reference to drilling, processing and delivery of gasoline for consumer use in its emission factors. lastly, as we change the grid dynamics the grid gets cleaner.

  • Bikewalknc ED

    With all the caveats, a good analogy is, i have a headache and aspirin helps. But it does nothing for the tumor that is causing it.