A weekly, one-hour newsmagazine on North Carolina, Carolina Journal Radio is hosted by Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai and features a diverse mix of guests and topics. Education reform, tax policy, the state legislature, affirmative action, air pollution, freedom of the press and the courts – these are just a few of the subjects that Carolina Journal Radio has tackled since the program began production in 2003.

  • Daily Journal

    Ambition in the eye of the beholder

    RALEIGH — The words “ambitious state budget” must test well in polls and focus groups. At least that’s what one might presume after hearing left-of-center politicians and pundits repeatedly describe North Carolina’s latest General Fund budget plan as “not ambitious.” Unable to rely on old standby clichés such as “draconian…

  • Quick Takes

    Octogenarian makes first airplane jump for Trump

    CLEVELAND — Eighty-two-year-old U.S. Army veteran Joe Muldoon made his first jump from an airplane Saturday afternoon with his 21-year-old grandson Mason. Joe, a Cleveland-area resident, said he wanted to do something special to coincide with the likely nomination of Donald Trump at this week’s Republican National Convention. On Friday,…

  • Video

    Room to build on successful N.C. education reforms

    North Carolina has scrapped to its public charter school cap, increased funding for school vouchers targeting low-income and special-needs students, and created a new Achievement School District to boost the state’s lowest-performing elementary schools. With all of these education reform success stories, there’s still room for more. Lisa Snell, director…

  • Radio

    Assessing key achievements from short 2016 N.C. legislative session

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 687: Lawmakers made one of their earliest exits from Raleigh in recent memory. They adjourned the legislative session on July 1, the first day of the new fiscal year. Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation vice president for outreach, assesses key accomplishments from the…

  • Radio

    Lawmakers debate response to local governments that ignore immigration rules

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 687: The final days of the 2016 legislative session featured debate about the state’s proper response to local governments that flout state immigration laws. Some lawmakers wanted to take state funding away from cities and counties that intentionally violate state immigration rules. You’ll…

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    Carve-out for single company ‘renews’ N.C. renewable energy debate

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 687: One of the last fights of this year’s legislative session involved a reignited debate over renewable energy tax credits. The annual state farm bill extended credits for three more years for a single company building a renewable energy facility in eastern North…