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Native American bones, bureaucratic creep, and a stalled Carteret County housing development

In the town of Cedar Point, a subdivision development has encountered a major roadblock after the discovery of Native American artifacts and some human remains. State archaeologists believe these findings are of historical significance, which has halted the project after only about three dozen homes were built. This situation has highlighted the confusion and delays as the lines of bureaucratic jurisdiction become blurred.

Jeff Moore

Poll: Seven-in-10 NC voters support constitutional ban on non-citizen voting

A recent poll of North Carolina voters found a 68% support margin for a state constitutional amendment specifically prohibiting non-citizens from voting in elections.  The poll from Carolina Partnership for Reform noted that with Republican legislators holding supermajorities in both chambers, such an amendment could make it on the ballot in November without Democratic support. The...

David N. Bass





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Interview: State Superintendent Candidate Michele Morrow

Carolina Journal contributor David Bass sits down with with Republican State Superintendent Candidate Michele Morrow to discuss her goals, qualifications, and campaign. Editor’s note: Equal time was offered to her opponent, Democratic candidate Mo Green, who declined to be interviewed.


Carolina Journal’s Donna King assesses changing NC budget surplus numbers

Donna King, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, discusses the potential impact of a smaller North Carolina state budget surplus than officials had projected. King offered these comments during the May 10, 2024, edition of PBS North Carolina’s “State Lines.”

Donna King


Races for President, Governor Are Tightening in North Carolina

RALEIGH – Ballot-wide, Republican candidates in North Carolina are seeing a squeeze this month, as the party’s leads are narrowing across the board. A plurality of likely North Carolina voters (43.4%) said they intend to vote for Former President Donald Trump, and 39% said they intend to vote for sitting President Joe Biden – a...

NC Voters Favor Trump, Robinson in General Election

RALEIGH – Once again, voters will find themselves choosing between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to take the White House in November. While the winners of this month’s primaries include many familiar faces, they also included some surprising upsets by political newcomers. This month’s Carolina Journal poll went in the field promptly...

Support for School Choice a ‘Call to Action’ in North Carolina

Raleigh – North Carolinians overwhelmingly support school choice, according to the latest Carolina Journal Poll. The survey of 600 likely North Carolina voters found majority support for Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), charter schools, private-school vouchers, and ‘backpack funding.’ A plurality of voters (48%) said they were unhappy with the quality of education students receive at...


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Knott is officially NC Republicans’ nominee for Congressional District 13

The Republican runoff race for Congressional District 13 was finalized Tuesday evening, with Brad Knott officially becoming the Republican nominee. Knott was facing a runoff with Republican Kelly Daughtry, but earlier this month Daughtry announced she was dropping out.

CJ Staff

Democrats run anti-Morrow bill in NC Senate

Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, D-Wake, is running Senate Bill 867, Superintendent of Public Instruction Minimum Requirements. The measure mandates that the state superintendent “must have at least one year of experience as a teacher or school administrator in this State or a member of a local board of education or the State Board of Education.” The legislation notably leaves out homeschool educators, and few other Council of State positions have such requirements.

David N. Bass

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