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  • Carolina Beat

    Government as travel agent

    The arrival of summer means vacation time for many, and airports stay busy. While we think of domestic airline service as being deregulated, the reality is that government decisions still play a role in where airlines fly. The most obvious case of government involvement comes in awarding international routes. While…

  • CJ Exclusives

    Court: Cyberbullying law violates First Amendment

    RALEIGH — In 2009, the General Assembly passed a law prohibiting online bullying of juveniles. The rarely-used law recently was struck down as unconstitutional, with the N.C. Supreme Court holding that the poorly worded law violates First Amendment free-speech rights. During the 2011-12 school year, Dillion Price was a sophomore…

  • Video

    JLF’s bike lane report attracts attention

    The lead story at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday on WTVD (ABC11) focused on a new report on bike lane spending from Julie Tisdale, John Locke Foundation city and county policy analyst. RALEIGH — Census data show that new and converted bicycle lanes represent a “poor use” of limited…

  • Quick Takes

    New community college system president will hit the road

    RALEIGH — The North Carolina Community College System’s new president, James C. “Jimmie” Williamson, says that his first 90 days in office will be filled with homework and field trips as he learns about interests and needs of the NCCCS. Williamson, who took office on July 1, plans to visit…