A weekly, one-hour newsmagazine on North Carolina, Carolina Journal Radio is hosted by Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai and features a diverse mix of guests and topics. Education reform, tax policy, the state legislature, affirmative action, air pollution, freedom of the press and the courts – these are just a few of the subjects that Carolina Journal Radio has tackled since the program began production in 2003.

  • CJ Exclusives

    Collegiality rules on first day of legislative session

    Bipartisanship ruled the day as lawmakers returned Wednesday to begin the 2017 long session of the General Assembly. The collegiality on opening day marked a stark contrast with the final days of special legislative sessions held in December, when the GOP-controlled General Assembly whittled away at some of the…

  • CJ Exclusives

    Redistricting coalition faces tough odds in General Assembly

    A coalition of policy and advocacy groups renewed their efforts to convince the General Assembly to set up an independent redistricting process based on a model adopted in Iowa as a means of ending partisan gerrymandering. The Iowa redistricting model empowers the nonpartisan legislative staff to draw the congressional and…

  • Quick Takes

    AFP-NC pushing fiscal responsibility, economic growth

    Americans for Prosperity–North Carolina, a conservative grass-roots organization, on Wednesday released a 2017 legislative agenda that puts state spending limits atop the project list. AFP asked the legislature to consider a Taxpayer Protection Act and to push tax reforms allowing North Carolinians…

  • Video

    JLF’s Mitch Kokai makes case for redistricting reform

    Mitch Kokai, John Locke Foundation senior political analyst, explains why North Carolina would benefit from electoral redistricting reform. Kokai offered these comments during a Jan. 11, 2017, news conference sponsored by the N.C. Coalition for Lobbying and Government Reform. Video courtesy of WRAL.com.

  • CJ Exclusives

    GOP confident federal justices will nix 2017 NCGA elections

    The U.S. Supreme Court put a temporary halt to a three-judge panel’s order to hold special legislative elections later this year, and the top election official in the N.C. House thinks the justices eventually will toss out the off-year election plan. Rep. David Lewis, R-Harnett, said he was delighted…