A weekly, one-hour newsmagazine on North Carolina, Carolina Journal Radio is hosted by Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai and features a diverse mix of guests and topics. Education reform, tax policy, the state legislature, affirmative action, air pollution, freedom of the press and the courts – these are just a few of the subjects that Carolina Journal Radio has tackled since the program began production in 2003.

  • Daily Journal

    Cooper, intentionally or not, promotes civil society

    Gov. Roy Cooper was talking like a libertarian. He probably didn’t even realize it. About a week ago, in his state of the state address, Cooper talked about many things. He discussed his budget plans and House Bill 2. He talked about education and…

  • Quick Takes

    Cooper picks two more for state Transportation Board

    Gov. Roy Cooper went to opposite ends of the state to select two nominees to serve on the North Carolina Department of Transportation Board. William “Billy” Clarke of Buncombe County, and Douglas “Allen” Moran of Dare County were announced Monday afternoon as Cooper’s latest two picks.

  • Radio

    Fixing N.C. criminal code includes focus on ‘mens rea’

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 722: It’s entirely possible for a North Carolinian to be charged, prosecuted, and convicted of a crime, even if he had no reason to believe his conduct was wrong. That’s a problem. It gets to the erosion of a core legal principle known…

  • Radio

    Legislators focus attention on college campus safety

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 722: A November 2016 attack at Ohio State University, which hospitalized 11 people, has promoted a renewed interest among N.C. lawmakers in college campus safety issues. A legislative oversight group listened recently to a presentation from Brent Herron, the UNC system’s associate vice…

  • Radio

    N.C. government conflicts place spotlight on state constitution

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 722: The N.C. Constitution is generating plenty of headlines these days, with near-constant skirmishes pitting a new Democratic governor and the Republican-led General Assembly. John Dinan, professor in the Department of Politics and International Affairs at Wake Forest University, discusses the disputes. Dinan…