A weekly, one-hour newsmagazine on North Carolina, Carolina Journal Radio is hosted by Donna Martinez and Mitch Kokai and features a diverse mix of guests and topics. Education reform, tax policy, the state legislature, affirmative action, air pollution, freedom of the press and the courts – these are just a few of the subjects that Carolina Journal Radio has tackled since the program began production in 2003.

  • Daily Journal

    De-strawed customers are ‘distrawght’

    In the “summer of plastic straw bans,” North Carolina’s restaurant industry is feeling the heat. “Drunk people, they are walking around without straws and they are confused,” Hibernian Assistant General Manager Susan Kemben said. After a video of…

  • Quick Takes

    Anglin will appear on ticket as Republican, judge rules

    Democrat-turned-Republican Chris Anglin won his court fight to run on the GOP ticket for Supreme Court justice in the Nov. 6 general election. Wake County Superior Court Judge Becky Holt issued her ruling Monday, Aug. 13, after a hearing on constitutional claims Anglin made in…

  • Radio

    School boards head back to court for technology money

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 795: The N.C. School Boards Association and local school boards across the state are heading back to court to get more money from state government. Terry Stoops, John Locke Foundation vice president for research and director of education studies, explains why the school…

  • Radio

    N.C.’s Foxx leads Capitol Hill campaign against unfunded federal mandates

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 795: A congresswoman from North Carolina is leading a new charge against unfunded federal government mandates. The U.S. House of Representatives recently approved Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx’s legislation targeting unfunded mandates. You’ll hear highlights from Foxx’s speech defending the proposal on Capitol Hill.

  • Radio

    Overcriminalization generates consequences for N.C. residents, economy

    From Carolina Journal Radio Program No. 795: Most of consider ourselves to be law-abiding citizens. But we might be breaking laws without our knowledge, thanks to the problem of overcriminalization. James Copland, senior fellow and director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, explains the problems created when a…