Extreme Injustice

In a closely divided North Carolina, America’s 9th largest state, politics have taken a dangerous turn, moving from the campaign trail to the court bench. A partisan Supreme Court is moving to cancel–nullify–the results of two statewide elections. Four, mostly nameless, faceless, State Supreme Court justices are considering a partisan power grab that threatens the credibility and validity of the state’s highest court for decades to come.

Two constitutional amendments, 9.6 million votes, and the fate of two duly elected Supreme Court justices hang in the balance.

How can this extreme injustice happen? And if it happens here, it can happen in your state and your town.

Extreme Injustice goes behind the scenes of North Carolina’s Highest court, to investigate and expose how raw partisan politics could destroy the judiciary in America’s most purple swing state.

Look for Extreme Injustice on November 9th, on Spotify, iTunes, and right here, at extremeinjustice.com.

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