The Republican-led N.C. House is scheduled to vote Thursday on overriding five vetoes from Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Cooper has not yet had a veto sustained during his first year in office.

The House is scheduled to take up House Bills 140, 205, 511, 576, and 770. Legislative rules require the Senate to take initial action on the only other unresolved veto, Senate Bill 16.

H.B. 140 permits an expansion of credit insurance that drew Cooper’s opposition. The Senate approved the bill, 46-0, while the House approved it 69-43. That represented 62 percent of voting members.

A bill must receive a three-fifths (60 percent) vote to override the governor’s veto. If every House member is present, that means 72 members must support the veto override.

H.B. 205 changes requirements for publication of legal notices. Senators approved the measure, 32-14 (70 percent), while the House approved it, 60-53 (53 percent).

H.B. 511 permits casino night fundraisers for nonprofit groups. Senators approved the measure, 27-15 (64 percent), while the House approved it, 76-32 (70 percent).

H.B. 576 allows landfill operators to spray collected wastewater in the air over the landfill to evaporate. Senators approved the measure, 29-14 (67 percent), while the House approved it, 75-45 (62 percent).

H.B. 770 generated opposition from Cooper because of changes in state Medical Board appointments and a provision that allowed a state employee to collect pay for service on a state government board. Senators approved the measure, 30-10 (75 percent), while the House approved it, 74-34 (69 percent).

Cooper has vetoed 11 bills in 2017, the second-highest single-year total for any governor in N.C. history. Lawmakers have voted to override five of Cooper’s vetoes.

Democrat Beverly Perdue holds the single-year veto record. She vetoed 16 bills in 2011, the first year of Republican control of both chambers of the General Assembly since the 19th century. Lawmakers overrode eight of those 16 vetoes.