Opinion (Page 642)

  • N.C. Investors Look Elsewhere

    New data from the Secretary of State's office suggests that North Carolina investors are looking to other states for places to risk their venture capital, suggesting that adverse tax and regulatory policies are hampering our state's entrepreneurial climate.

  • Attempted Fraud in Preschool Program

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Bright Beginnings program has been sold as an effective intervention for at-risk preschoolers. But what if test score gains later in school are due to special attention? That would perpetrate a fraud on taxpayers.

  • A Week of High Drama

    Special sessions, redistricting, court fights, tax increases, lotteries – what more could a political junkie possibly want?…

  • Why Are Countries Poor?

    The explanation for international differences in personal income cannot be found in race, geography, or imperial history. According to the available data, the answer is freedom — the more you have, well, the more you have.

  • Health Care Honesty & Hooey

    In North Carolina and elsewhere, policymakers in health care are debating whether limiting or expanding coverage of prescription drugs, home health, and other services will save money. The answer is: it depends.

  • Degrees of Public Support

    UNC tuition ought to go up dramatically, but won't that be unpopular? A careful reading of opinion polls suggests that while voters favor university aid, they prefer work-study and tax breaks to the kind of direct grants the UNC system gets.

  • Who Was John Locke?

    Hint: he was not a locksmith. Carolina Journal's George Stephens has written an invaluable new book explaining the critical role of Locke's ideas in the founding of the American republic — and the need for their rediscovery today.

  • The Redistricting Homestretch

    The state supreme court has established three clear rules to guide restricting: respecting county lines, equalizing population, and ensuring compact districts. Will the legislature comply?…

  • N.C. State supports civil discourse, embattled professor

    Administrators and professors at North Carolina State University have come to the support of embattled Prof. Philip Muñoz. Muñoz's Political Science 205 class on Law and Justice was the site of an alleged racial attack Feb. 19, when a white female student, angered by the heated comments made about America…